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Main Benefits Of The Product

Reasons why you should choose MailDoodler

benefits of product

Email compliancy

MailDoodler is a solution for Gmail that lets companies manage the email signature for their employees.

benefits of product

Marketing campaigns

MailDoodler gives your company the opportunity to make campaigns. Easily controlling your brand.

benefits of product

Monthly subscription

First 14 days free and easy cancellation without a fuss.


Why MailDoodler was created

We created MailDoodler with the purpose of creating a tool that would handle your e-mail compliancy problems and at the same time use all of your email abilities to the fullest. Because sending an email is sending a piece of branding from your company. It needs to have the correct typo, logo and contact information. And at the same time it can contain an ad that can take someone's attention.


Easy to set up

Easy and reliable email consistency with MailDoodler:

  • You install through the G suite apps section (admin)
  • Customize which data the signature should contain, choose a banner and deploy it
  • MailDoodler looks for the person specific data in the Google directory and you are ready to go

Create & manage banners

Campaign management has never been more easy.

Add your own company banner and add a destination address by clicking on an image in a signature and adding an image attribute.

In this way you can also add a URL created with Google Analytics

Reviews From Our Users

What our users are saying about the product


"Our organisation offers a lot of freedom to all employees. But when it comes to the brand, we believe we only have one shot at doing things right. E-mail signatures are part of our marketing toolbox, and therefore we need to have some sort of control over what message is promoted. With MailDoodler, we can select to what extent we want to control the e-mail signatures centrally and still leave room to our people. It's a perfect way of controlling the brand message while not disturbing individual freedom of expression that we value so dearly."

    - Paul Baan, Board member Incentro

"Before we used MailDoodler, most of our colleagues had different fonts and logos in their email signature. Some of our colleagues even had different job descriptions. MailDoodler gives everyone the same consistent email signature. Also our company has multiple branches with their own departments and specialisms so we want to communicate that with our marketing campaigns. With MailDoodler we are capable of doing this."

    - Friso Plaizier, Consultant Marketing Technology


Install it with a G Suite admin and you're ready to go.
Everyone can use it and the first 14 days is free!


0.50/ usr / mo
  • 24/7 Support
  • Single Licence
  • First 14 days free

    0.25/ usr / mo
    • 24/7 Support
    • Single Licence
    • First 14 days free
  • For more than 1000 users or educational pricing,
    please contact us

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